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FlowTech is your Official Distributor for the following products:
HF2FIV2.................... Hydrau-Flo 2" Fuel Inlet Valve

      •   Compact design for installation in tight spaces
      •   Reduces foam & premature shutoff during fueling
      •   Flows 180 gpm
      •   Easy to disassemble & clean
      •   Automatically shuts when tank is full

HF2FCV2............................ Hydrau-Flo 2" Float Control Valve

  •   Automatically shuts valve without pressurizing tank
  •   Adjustable to enable maximum fuel level control
  •   Splash proof design eliminates fuel leakage
  •   Easy to disassemble & clean
  •   Accommodates tank breather or filter, direct or remote mount
Part #
Description & Features
FN3............... FloMax 3" Fuel Nozzle

•   Durable, light weight construction
•   Flows up to 1200 gpm
•   Smooth lever action
•   Rotating cuff
•   Firm fit on Receiver
•   Easy to clean & repair
FR3-F............... FloMax Flush Face Connector Series

  •   Dry break, non-interchangeable, color coded connectors
  •   Stainless steel receiver nose handles high pressures
  •   Outer dimensions are the same for all connectors
  •   Flush face nozzles reduce particulate contamination

F3V3001............... FloMax 4" Valve Assembly

      •   Opens with fuel pressure
      •   Flows up to 1200 gpm
      •   Automatically shuts when tank is full
Hydrau-Flo – Non-pressure Tank Overfill Prevention System

FloMax International – Fuel Nozzles, Lube Connectors, Breakaway Valves & other Fluid Transfer Equipment

Balcrank Corporation – Lube & DEF Dispensing Products

Cim-Tek Filtration – High-flow Fuel Filtration Products

RCI Technologies – Fuel & Lube Filtration Products

Shurjoint Piping Products – Flexible pipe couplings, fittings & valves

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Mobile Fuel Depots
& Permanent Fueling Complexes
FN600BL....... FloMax 2" Ball Lock Fuel Nozzle

•   Durable, light weight construction
•   Flows up to 180 gpm
•   Built in swivel
•   Rotating cuff
•   Firm fit on Receiver
•   Easy to clean & repair

Diesel is often one of the largest operating expenses in most mining operations.  In the last decade, the cost per gallon has increased 350% so small spills add up to big money! Luckily, our Nonpressure Overfill Prevention System costs less then refueling a 400 ton haul truck one time!

  • Flow rate up to 140 gpm per station
  • Equipped with ditital flow meter, breakaway valve and fuel nozzle

  • Flow rate of up to 350 gpm
  • Equipped with ditital flow meter, breakaway valve and fuel nozzle

  • 10 micron, 400 gpm pre-filter
  • 5 micron, 500 gpm polish filter with an optional 3 micron upgrade

  • Makes depot completely self-sufficient
  • Weather protective, sound attenuated enclosure

  • Storage capacity from 15,000 to 90,000 thousand gallons
  • Fully enclosed 110% containment
  • Heavy-duty triple beam & saddle skid, setup for a tail-roll truck
  • Designed to move as your mine or pit moves

FlowTech Mobile Fuel Depots are available for sale or for lease

FlowTech understands that fueling is a "Big Picture" process.  We will examine your current fueling practices to develop a comprehensive fueling plan.

We offer the following fuel transfer equipment to reduce spillage, eliminate drive-offs and increase efficiency at fuel offload and fill points:

  • Fuel nozzles & dry breaks connectors
  • Single & double wall fuel tanks
  • Fuel pumps & dispensers
  • Tank level monitoring & overfill prevention systems
  • Various fuel control valves including ball, butterfly, gate, electric, check & breakaway valves
  • Fuel hose and fuel loading arms
  • Tank equipment

FlowTech is currently refueling the worlds largest fuel trucks at 800 gpm.  FlowTech uses explosion proof motors wired with timers to eliminate damage to pumps if left on.

Anyone can pump fuel fast.  The trick is shutting the fuel down when the tank is full!  FlowTech uses the patented Hydrau-Flo Overfill Prevention System or an Electronic Shutdown/Alarm System to eliminate tank overfills.

Teir 4 emissions standards have made fuel filtration a critical part of any fueling plan and should always take place in at least three stages.  FlowTech offers high flow, multi-stage filtration systems to achieve maximum equipment performance with minimal filter maintenance.
BAV2............................. FloMax 2" Breakaway Valve

  •   Flows 300 gpm, breaks and seals at 420 ft-lbs

BAV3............................. FloMax 3" Breakaway Valve

        •   Flows 475 gpm, breaks and seals at 420 ft-lbs
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FSD-3005........ FlowTech Tool Kit

  •   Heavy duty, waterproof storage case
  •   Includes socket to service all standard fuel receivers
  •   Socket to service Hydrau-Flo Gold 2" Valve
  •   Wrench to service Hydrau-Flo 2" Float Control Valve
  •   Venturi pump for quick and easy installation of the Non-                             pressure Fueling System without draining the fuel tank   
FlowTech specializes
in the following services:
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FlowTech Mobile Fuel Depots

FlowTech Product Sales

Using a standard fueling system there is potential for 5 to 15 gallons of spillage from each piece of equipment every time it is fueled.  The Nonpressure Overflow Prevention System will eliminate tank overfills greatly reducing soil and groundwater contamination as well as possible MSHA citations for fuel accumulation.

FRS......................................... FloMax 2" Steel Fuel Receiver

   •   Durable nickel plated steel
   •   Smaller enclosed spring reduces back pressure
   •   Compatible with all standard 2" fuel nozzles
FR-Cap............ FloMax 2" Steel Positive Locking Fuel Receiver Cap

•   Durable aircraft grade aluminum
•   Mechanically locks on to fuel receiver
•   Unaffected by weather extremes
•   Helps prevent contaminates from entering fuel tank
•   Extends fuel nozzle life
Non-pressure Fueling System
Non-pressure Fueling Systems
Fuel & Lubricant Filtration
at Bulk Storage Facilities
High quality products for fuel & lubricant dispensing

FlowTech Bulk Storage Facilities
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Storage & Dispensing Systems

FlowTech  DEF Solutions
As emissions standards become stricter, more and more mining equipment will come equipped with Diesel Exhaut Fluid (DEF) systems.  Improve safety and productivity with our DEF storage and dispensing solutions.  FlowTech can provide a customized system to meet your specific needs.

Rather than refilling DEF tanks by climbing up on equipment while carrying a 5 gallon jerry can FlowTech can provide a ground level fill point.  We can fabricate a stainless steel tank to fit on your fuel/lube truck and we carry the pumps, hose, valves and fittings to meet all your DEF needs.

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